​​​​​​Initial Contact:

  • You contact us about your landscaping needs
  • We will ask you a few basic questions
  • We will schedule a date and time to come out to your home for a FREE Consultation (have pictures or ideas of what you would like ready for the appointment) 

Appointment Day:

  • We will talk about your project and survey the area
  • We will discuss options and materials for your budget
  • Measurements of the area and pictures may be taken

Post Appointment:

  • I will use pictures taken the day of our appointment to work on a design (if needed)
  • I will share my ideas with you and we can make changes depending on your needs/likes
  • An estimate detailing what it will cost to complete the project will be created 
  • We will move forward when you agree to the price  

         (***Note: copies of the design will not be released to you until we are under contract or 

           you pay for the design)

Contract Stage:

  • We will set up a date and time to review your contract
  • The day of the appointment, we will review the contract and both parties will sign 
  • At that time, a deposit will be collected to cover the costs of materials and some labor (***Note: The deposit, additional payments, and the final payment will be determined by the total cost of the project and the estimated length of completion)
  • Any HOA or City Permit documents that can be completed by CJ's Landscape Design will be given to you to turn in to the appropriate governing bodies (***Note: The City of Austin may require that permit paperwork be completed by an engineer or architect. This price will be added to your estimate.) 
  • A start date will be determined along with a time line for completion

Project Initiation:

  • Materials will be ordered (by customer or CJ's Landscape Design) and delivered
  • Workers will be selected based on your project needs and their area of expertise (i.e. stone masons, carpenters, cement workers, landscapers, etc)
  • Once materials are on-site, the project will begin
  • Progress will be tracked daily and updates will be given to you as they become available

Project Completion: 

  • Once the project is completed, we will do a walk through together to look for anything that needs to be corrected
  • Those needs will be addressed
  • A final walk through will be completed
  • Final payment will be released to CJ's Landscape Design

My name is Criselda Brooks and I am the owner of CJ's Landscape Design. Horticulture has fascinated me as far back as I can remember. As a child, I spent as much time as I could planting seeds, watering plants, and tending to my small bean garden. Even though I always loved plants and being surrounded by nature, I wanted to help people and to make a difference in the lives of others. After completing a Master's Degree in Sociology in 2006, I began a career in social services where I worked with vulnerable populations for over a decade. 

When I bought my first house in 2014, working on the yard brought back so many happy memories. It felt great to feel the earth in my hands again and to create something beautiful with plants, mulch, and rock. Pretty soon, my interest in using plants and nature to create outdoor art grew and I yearned to do something with my hobby.

During that time, I realized that there was a great need for landscaping companies who do both the designing and the installation. I decided that it would be a natural fit for me to start my own landscaping business to fill in that gap. I took my first steps towards becoming an entrepreneur by completing a landscape design class. I received my landscape design certification in March of 2016. Shortly thereafter, I decided it was time to give back to the community in a different way.

I started CJ's Landscape Design: 1) to help home owners and investors add beauty and value to their homes, 2) to help my fellow neighbors enjoy their yards and homes as much as I do, and 3) to add value to our city and local communities while instilling a sense of pride.

I strive to hire the most professional, hard-working, and experienced crews so that your project turns out perfect and on time. We are insured to give you a piece of mind, while we are working on your property. At CJ's Landscape Design, we design, install, and maintain with your needs in mind!

landscape designer

900 E. Pecan St. #300-267                                       Cell Phone: 210-420-3396

Pflugerville, Texas 78660                                          Email: cris@cjslandscapes.com

Whether you're a home owner or an investor, contact us for a FREE quote from a certified landscape designer.

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